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We have been building our international business since 2002, dealing with a wide range of  consumer goods in order to efficiently and effectively satisfy all our customers’ demands.

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Koblevs’ka St, 41 Odesa, Odes’ka oblast, Ukraine, 65000


Glenlex Trading LLC Trading assists companies worldwide in trading products with the Asian continent. Thanks to our unique trading channels we offer smooth in- and export of products. See our portfolio to get a first impression of our services.


Glenlex Trading LLC represents a broad cross-section of the international trade and business community: manufacturers, trading companies, freight forwarders, shipping companies, and port authorities. We believe in strong and dependable customer relationships.


Glenlex Trading LLC  has offices and employees working on both continents. We are your gate to Ukraine. We are dedicated to the promotion of international trade, import-export, international finance, international logistics management, and more.

Welcome to Glenlex Trading LLC

Glenlex Trading LLC  Is your reliable and experienced partner for import and export to and from the European continent.

We have a lot of experience in international trade. As a result, we know the important trading markets worldwide, with the European continent as the main portal. We offer the possibility to participate in certified trade with an eye for human rights and the environment.

Glenlex Trading LLC

Our Focus

Glenlex Trading LLC focuses to foster growth and promote enduring business ties with its client. Customer responsiveness and commitment is the driving force in the quest for excellence.
An effective supply chain manager – Right from sourcing supply of material at the customer’s doorstep in Organic and Natural Cosmetics, Organic Items, and Health Care Items etc.

Competitive prices

Thanks to our international network and reliable customer relationships, we can offer consultancy in worldwide trade for a fair price.


Highly ethical company

We believe in global trade that doesn’t harm the environment and in strengthening the bonds between countries and people.


Trading facilities worldwide

Dealing with the global rules of trade between nations, our main objective is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly and freely as possible.

Our Philosophy

We deal with a wide range of different products in order to efficiently and effectively satisfy all our customer’s demands. Throughout the years, we have gained global exposure and have become specialized in trading goods by using our worldwide hub. Thanks to our vast network, we are able to meet most of our customer’s requirements without downgrading our well-regarded and professional customer service.



We are the source for import and export. We have over 19 years of
experience in international trading. We know a lot of markets with the main
markets Europe, Americas, and Asia. We make it possible for importers and exporters to be part of the highly qualified business with an eye for human beings, animals, nature, and the environment.

Maintaining the existing network in line with environmentally friendly
and innovative thinking will provide you everything you need for the
future. We are staying close to the basics with an eye for every detail which
creates our ultimate power.

Glenlex Trading LLC

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Koblevs'ka St, 41 Odesa,
Odes'ka oblast, Ukraine, 65000.

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