Hot Titus Sardines

Hot Titus Sardines is a variation of the regular Titus Sardines that is packaged with spicy red peppers, so this adds some heat right from the can and you don’t have to go looking for your favorite spicy pepper.   Both types can be added to any dish, adding some much needed proteins and fish oil to your diet.

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Titus Spicy Sardines in Vegetable Oil are prepared from the highest quality sardines. These sardines are packed in vegetable oil and are considered among the best tasting sardines in the world. These popular sardines have a firm texture and delicate flavour. Just one can provide almost half of the protein needed per day. Try them in salads, sandwiches, with fresh pasta or straight from the can. They are considered the super foods of the sea.

Titus Sardine is a premium brand and one of the most renowned sardines in the world. It has been trusted for generations around the world for almost 100 years.


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