Get your nutcracker ready for our English walnuts! There’s something so satisfying about cracking open one of these beauties to reveal the fresh and crunchy walnut inside. A good source of protein and omega-3s, it’s no wonder English walnuts are a favorite among snackers and health nuts alike.

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The nut is the fruit of the walnut, of rounded or ovoid shape, with a hard wrinkled shell of a reddish-brown colour. The edible part inside it has a particular sweet taste.

In the market there are unshelled nuts, cut up or ground; there are also several products processed from them.

Walnuts are usually consumed raw as a snack or dessert, on their own or combined with other foodstuffs. It is used as an ingredient in many dishes, sauces and ice creams. In the markets they sell whole walnuts, cut up or ground with a flour texture. Apart from being one of the most appreciated dry fruits thanks to its pleasant taste, it is also one of the richest in oil content, reason why they are used to obtain this substance. The walnut oil has a sweet and pleasant taste. The unripe fruit is used for manufacturing the so-called “Ratafía’ liquor and the walnut leaves are used to prepare infusions for external application.

The edible part of the walnut resembles the shape of the brain and, thanks to its content in vitamins of the group B, they are good for the memory.

Moreover, they reduce the risk of heart attack and the levels of cholesterol in the blood. People with high blood pressure or diabetes are allowed to eat them.


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