Whole Milk Powder 25Kg

A rich, full-fat and versatile milk powder made with fresh milk.


  • Good¬†solubility
  • Rich, creamy flavour
  • Good flow properties
  • Available in a 26{aaa1a1a2d34a1f69219b89dd0df0f7132814bcf092feabb22a9c88cc7001b597} and 28{aaa1a1a2d34a1f69219b89dd0df0f7132814bcf092feabb22a9c88cc7001b597} fat version
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The goodness of NZ shines through in the taste. Predominantly grass-fed, our cows produce milk with higher levels
of omega-3, CLA fats, more vitamin E and more beta carotene giving a full creamy dairy flavour.
It contains all the constituents of fresh milk.


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